oh my GOD, i’m so glad nojomo is over. i’m sick of this.

last goal on the list. Ready?

…You probably are. I mean, you’d think it’s something momentous, but it’s not. I just want to see my generation become respectable. That’s all. Not a lot to ask, is it? I want to see our culture empowering both men and women in different ways than it does now (women have power in vunerability, men in brainless masculinity). I want to see education being taken seriously. I never want to hear about homosexuality because it’s such a normal part of life that it’s a non-issue. I want to see condoms distributed freely and kids being talked to about sex frankly and openly. I want to see people writing letters to their elected officials about the quality of their water and land and food. I want elected officials to be elected by everyone, not just the few people that make informed voting decisions.

See? Like I said. Easy peasy. Life goal? Psh, that should be this WEEK’S goal.

Except that I’m super super busy this week. Maybe next week. Catch y’all on the flip side (and by “on the flip side” I mean “in December, OMG, DECEMBER?!”)

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