Interesting Links

Here are some great sites to check out:

Look at pictures of food, then learn how to cook it! Mmm…

The first is MIT´s really awesome effort to make all of their classes lectures and materials available over the internet for free. The second is an MIT alum´s improvement on that concept – free classes online that are designed to be learned online. Both are really great resources.

An interesting resource for radical centers around the world, bookstores, articles, etc.

This is a great organization that helps communities build their own schools and libraries, encourages local-language publishing and gives scholarships for girls to go to school. There are a variety of reasons I appreciate this organization. The main one is that they emphasize locally-found support for the projects instead of having volunteers come from other places as much.

A lot of my recent life was dedicated to NMD. It´s a non-hierarchical, volunteer-run organization that has a lot of really great projects. They include leaving gallons of water in the desert for migrants crossing the US-Mexico border, patrolling the migrant trails and offering medical attention, staffing an aid station for deportees where free phone calls, medical attention, and other resources are available, documenting abuses of migrants at the hands of the United States border patrol, and discouraging racist legislation.

Looking for an awesome way to spend your summer? Look into Bike and Build. They organizes cross-country bicycle trips for young adults to benefit affordable housing. It doesn´t matter if you´ve never done long-distance cycling before. Really! I had never even ridden a road bike when I did this.

omg awesome photography of animals and places. could spend all day on their website. have spent all day on their website…

Good introductory websites for learning about modern-day racism, feminism and basic oppression/brainwashing. It is important to note that no one is claiming anything found on them as the final word in anything, so don´t get all “you´re wrong” and stop reading. Don´t get defensive and stop reading either. Just read. Engage your brain.


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