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 I’ve been mediating catfights for the better half of the evening now. Nacho chases after Maya and Maya hisses and scratches and runs away or bites back but Nacho is not the type of cat to take a hint. Spartacus, … Continue reading

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Fancy Macaroni with the Pioneer Weasel

Well, it’s Christmas Eve and I have nothing to do. So I decided to throw a little party for myself. And by “throw a little party,” I actually mean, “make some macaroni.” The Pioneer Woman posted a delicious-looking recipe recently, … Continue reading

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Last night, my sister called me for help with math. I have three sisters. All of them have always had really terrible grades. I wish that I had worked harder to help them in school when I lived at home, but I wasn’t really mature … Continue reading

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oh, hi, sweet tooth

I stopped at the grocery store after work for milk and ended up with cinnamon, nutmeg, raisins, honey, sugar, vanilla extract, egg nog, baking powder, chai and pears. Most of it was in the name of improving the quality of … Continue reading

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to worry, worry, super scurry

I just saw a TV commercial for some maybelline skin/make-up product that was ree-diculous. It really used “makes pores invisible” and “skin looks just like its been air-brushed!” as incentives to use it. I thought it was a joke or something when I first … Continue reading

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no more deaths

I am so tired already, and it’s only Wednesday. Lots to talk about, but I don’t have the time or energy. Meanwhile, read this and be outraged. They’re just KIDS, man. What’s wrong with people?? Now that you’re appropriately fired up, I have a … Continue reading

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