no more deaths

I am so tired already, and it’s only Wednesday.

Lots to talk about, but I don’t have the time or energy. Meanwhile, read this and be outraged. They’re just KIDS, man. What’s wrong with people??

Now that you’re appropriately fired up, I have a favor to ask. As you probably know, I’m here in Tucson volunteering with No More Deaths. What they do is go on desert patrols, offering help to people (usually migrants) in the form of medical care, food, water or phone calls (to border patrol or an ambulance, for example. it should be no surprise that after several days dying in the heat, people are ecstatic at the opportunity to turn themselves in). No More Deaths volunteers also leave gallons of water out on the trails.

The organization is not exactly popular, because SOME people believe that migrants don’t deserve help cause, you know, they’re illegal, and only legal citizens of the US deserve to live. But, you can’t say that out loud, so this disapproval manifests itself in the accusation of littering. It’s littering to leave gallons of water out. You’re hurting the environment!

(Never mind your cars and chain stores and….)

Seriously. Come on.

Anyway, people have been charged for littering at No More Deaths. Thirteen people. One of them decided not to put up with this. He got sentenced to do community service, which he has no problem doing (obviously. he’s a NMD volunteer…), but its the principle of the matter. “Humanitarian aid is not a crime.” He’s getting a re-sentencing on Friday.

If you could write a letter to the judge in his support, it would be great. It doesn’t have to be long. Just has to say, “yo, i heard about this trial and it’s silly to put someone in jail for doing humanitarian work. Yours truly, me. “

It would make my day. It would make everyone’s day. It would probably even make the judge’s day. She’ll be like, “wow, I’m famous. now I must please my fans in order to keep them.”

Writing letters that say such obvious things like “Walt is not a criminal” feels stupid. It’s redundant, isn’t it? People MUST know how stupid this all is. But I’m in Arizona. Crazier things have happened. So letters and emails are important.

I’m not asking for much. Just forgo one youtube video’s worth of time for this or something.


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