cangrejos salvadoreños


“Do you know why popular organization will never work here? Let me tell you. I can explain it with a folk story:

There were two barrels at a restaurant full of live crabs. One barrel had Salvadoran crabs and the other barrel had imported Chinese crabs. The owner of the restaurant told his waiter to put lids on the barrels, but there was only one lid available. After thinking for a minute, the waiter put the lid on the barrel of Chinese crabs. The owner asked why he chose that barrel. 

´Well,´ said the waiter, ´In a barrel of Chinese crabs, the crabs will probably escape by creating a chain so that the whole group can get out. If any Salvadoran crabs try to get out, I´m sure that the rest won´t allow it and drag them back down, so I´m not worried about them escaping.´

So why bother?” he asked me.

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