in which quantification is oddly satisfying to me

I only kept track for the last six months. This is rather unfortunate, as most of my time was spent in the desert, and not anywhere near I could buy anything if I wanted to. My groceries were mainly provided where I was, so I didn’t have to buy much of my own food. The last two weeks were spent traveling and spending a LOT of money on eating out. So the results are kind of…useless…But still interesting. It was definitely not useless to see the actual amounts I spent in the past month traveling. I was shocked. I know I was traveling, but still, I feel weird looking at the amount I spent eating out, even though in the previous five months I spent nearly nothing on it. It’s definitely something to look out for, as far as spending goes.

My friend Anahita told me that on average, Americans spend roughly a third of their income on food, and that fraction is very low compared to other countries. Since I didn’t keep track of what percentage of income I spent, just how I spent what I did spend (I’m pretty good about saving), it’s not really comparable. But it’s interesting to note that exactly 34% of the money I spent was on food…

I’m pretty excited to have a long-term (well, nine months is long term to me), stable job and life, mostly because I’ll be able to observe my spending patterns over a longer and more informing chunk of time. I’m going to try to do this every month this year instead of spending an entire Sunday afternoon early next year adding.

Okay, 2010. I have quantified everything I can. I am officially done with you.

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One Response to in which quantification is oddly satisfying to me

  1. mn says:

    what the khel!

    in my country…

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