I went “home” (the Midwest) last week to visit family. Everything was….sticky. Very humid. Really glad to be back in Nosebleed Land.

It’s a cool, breezy 88 degrees right now in Arizona.  I arrived here yesterday evening after driving for what felt like nineteen years but was actually only a day and a half. This country really just keeps going and going. There were plains, farms, thunderstorms mountains, caves diners with biscuits and gravy more plains no liquor past nine o’clock in oklahoma fried pickles at hooters campgrounds every mile when we were alert and none to be seen for hundreds of miles when all we wanted to do was curl up in our sleeping bags, despite humidity and cicadas and having to set up the tent with lightning fifteen miles away. you know how unbearably long that sentence was? the trip felt longer.  awesome giant rocks (which we realized were actual Indiana-Jones quality BOULDERS stacked on top of each other) in the last stretch before Tucson, we made it to the volunteer church and collapsed, tired from doing nothing and seeing everything for two whole days. We were even tired of listening to music, which is good because we ran out of CDs at the end.

we were going to go out, but no more deaths apparently has a volunteer curfew if you’re staying with them. we missed it, but we didn’t party either. we just ate tater tots staring into space like zombies, freezing cold in the middle of g-d arizona (I hate air conditioning), really wanting to want to go dance and drink margaritas, cause that’s what you do when you’re in mexico, right? (and by mexico, i mean tucson)

i crashed on a friend’s couch and slept like a baby in an oven.

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