Books Read in 2009

I tried to read one a week. I made it until fall semester started….The particularly good ones are bolded. The ones in italics are books I think people should read, but not because they were particularly good. You can assume that if a book is bolded, I think you also should read it.

1. running with scissors – Burroughs
2. mountains beyond mountains – Kidder

3. mother tongue
4. pigs in heaven
5. the bean trees – Kingsolver
6. pure sunshine
7. To Have and Have Not – Hemingway
8. The Good Earth – Buck
9. across the wire – Urrea
10. crossing over: one woman’s exodus from amish life
11. the winter of our discontent – Steinbeck
12. the devil’s highway – Urrea
13. setting free the bears – Irving
14. the giver – Lowry
15. deadeye dick – Vonnegut
16. bagambo snuff box – Vonnegut
17. the graveyard book – Gaiman
18. travels with charley in search of america – Steinbeck
19. flowers for algernon – Keyes
20. brief wondrous life of oscar wao – Diaz
21. tortilla flat – Steinbeck
22. the red pony – Steinbeck
23. cannery row – Steinbeck
24. of mice and men – Steinbeck

25. east of eden – Steinbeck
26. sirens of titan – Vonnegut

27. i know why the caged bird sings – Angelou
28. animals make us human – Grandin
29. twilight – Meyer
30. new moon – Meyer
31. eclipse – Meyer
32. breaking dawn – Meyer
33. fear and loathing in las vegas – Thompson
34. on writing – Stephen King
35. in the miso soup
36. emergence – grandin
37. underground – murakami
38. do androids dream of electric sheep – dick
39. anthropologist on mars – Sacks
40. man who mistook his wife for a hat – sacks
41. A Place of their Own – VanCleave
42. Let the Right One In – Lindqvist
43. Men in the Sun and Other Palestinian Stories – Kanafani
44. The Shipping News – Proulx

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One Response to Books Read in 2009

  1. curly su says:

    Steinbeck is my favorite author – and East of Eden/Travels with Charley are my favorite books within fiction/nonfiction. Check out Journal of a Novel – Steinbeck’s journal as he wrote East of Eden – he first wrote a letter to his editor each day as a writing warm-up. The letters, taken as a whole, become a real picture into his life…

    Anyway. Thanks for the list – I agree with many of your bolded selections…

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