are you there, god?

Ah, whatever. I don’t really care if you are or not. I posted my last entry on teh facebook and wasn’t interested in the very long replies I got. I guess I had forgotten how boring I think talking about religion is. I’m interested in it merely as a tool to reach people, not in its philosophy or truth. I don’t see a huge difference between religion and government. Both are highly corrupt and used to justify terrible things – but does that mean that the solution is to get rid of them completely? I think it just makes sense to use them in better ways. Meh.

”Resources are always limited.” In international health, this saying had great force. It lay behind most cost-effectiveness analyses. it often meant, “Be realistic.” But it was usually uttered, Kim and Farmer felt, without any recognition of how, in a given place, resources had come to be limited, as if God had imposed poverty on places like Haiti.”
-Tracy Kidder, Mountains Beyond Mountains

Gotta focus on the right things. And I feel the “is God real” debate is not one of those things. This is what I tell people when asked about my religious views. I don’t care.

#28: Back when I was a kid and didn’t know what I wanted to do with  my life, I always thought it’d be cool to open a really cool hotel and have most of the proceeds go to good causes.

It’s still a highly attractive option to me. I have always loved being hospitable and staying in hotels is always so exciting to me. Having one would let me meet awesome people and design awesome themed rooms and the building could have secret passageways! and we could host ferret conferences and interacting with foreigners would give me a legitimate reason to study a lot of languages. I’m not really interested in doing this anymore, but it’s still awesome enough to keep on the list.

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