things i am thankful for

I am thankful that I don’t need a holiday to realize what a privileged and enjoyable life I lead.

Thanksgiving included:

-a house is near Wild Turkey Drive and Possum Run

-Eating stuffing. I had never had stuffing before (what? i’m not american. we don’t do that whole cranberry sauce/pumpkin pie/stuffing thing).

-Putting on a play (“Cold Turkey: A Southwestern Case of Cosmic Indigestion. Genre: “Unlikely realistic historical fantasy non-fiction”) in my friend’s backyard for an audience of my friend’s hippie parents and their New American Tea Party-affiliated neighbors and six dogs. I got pictures of the rocket ship and submarine we made. They were awesome. It was all awesome. I can’t even begin to describe.

-Baked brie and vegan mashed potatoes. I really don’t think I could have attended a more White-People-ified Thanksgiving. That’s okay; it was impressively delicious.

-teaching my friend’s 12-year-old sister how to play Jolene on the ukulele

-wearing a feather headband that said 12-year-old made for everyone.

-Being really, really full the whole day.


It was by far the most picturesque Thanksgiving I have ever attended. I think I’m gonna die of a food overdose, though. Oh my god.

Speaking of food (even though, really, it’s the last thing I want to think about at this point), my favorite food ever is pupusas. And it’s not just because I’m Salvadoran. It’s not bias. They actually ARE the most delicious thing I have ever experienced. And I love taking my friends to hole-in-the-wall Salvadoran restaurants in East Boston to give them the opportunity to be amazed. They always are.

So, one of my life goals – and this is kind of a half joking one – is to open a pupuseria in Tucson, because there isn’t a single Salvadoran restaurant here and that’s just wrong.

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