busy day-

work at derechos. some stupid law got passed where the DES has to call border patrol on you if you can’t prove you’re legal. meaning, lots of parents getting food stamps or whatever for their (legal) kids are gonna get deported. and if that doesn’t bother you, if you think people shouldn’t be in this country in this first place, that’s fine. but that still doesn’t make this a reasonable piece of legislation. this is not the way to deal with the problem of illegal immigration. this is just hurting people.

got my arizona drivers license. it has the grand canyon on it! and it expires in 2053….that’s how they do it in arizona. weird. the idea of people still driving in 2053 is quite disheartening.

went to the library. i love the library.

went to a friend – jessica’s – house and built the set for the play we are going to perform tomorrow for thanksgiving. it takes place underwater and in space and on mount olympus and on earth. so the sets were really fun to make….

tired, so i will make this easy and short:

26. Travel from China to Europe in one go. by bike? by train? by camel? i dunno. i just wanna GO

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