I showed up to work at 8pm today after a long day just to wash dishes, because it was busy and they called. I could have gone to Tuesday night bike ride….but, I can’t deny that I need the money. And I am easily guilted into things.

I want so badly to complain, but when I think of friends working the graveyard shift at 24-hour cafés and my roommate working two jobs and having to be up at 5am for them every other day of the week and relatives working factory jobs for so little and so many other people that don’t even have jobs, I can’t bring myself to it.

I especially can’t bring myself to it after filling out two wage complaint forms for people to send to the Arizona Labor Department today. People that worked for 4-6 weeks without getting paid because the business shut down suddenly and without warning. What the hell. It’s not like the manager didn’t know it was coming – but he continued to ask them to work 10, 12 hour shifts. Whose responsibility is it to pay them? If the business is bankrupt and really has no money with which to pay its employees, is it an “SOL, sucks to be you” situation? Should the state cover it? Can a state even afford that? Is there an answer to this question that I don’t know about, or are our labor policies really so bad that there is no answer?

On a somewhat related topic, there is something I’d like to see happen before I die. It’s not really something I’ll do:

#24: See the world’s distribution of wealth change significantly
I know life’s not fair and that justice is something created by society and, and, practically speaking, is impossible. These are the things some people tell me when human rights work is brought up –

Excuses, excuses

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