all work and no play makes me

…actually have stuff to write about.

Life Goal #24: teach in a foreign country. preferably english.

this is a conglomerate of goals/interests:

i want to teach. language, in particular. i think i’d be really good at it because i’ve taken a lot of different language classes, so i’ve been exposed to a lot of techniques AND had a lot of experience having to learn the material. Also, I think teaching is really fun. Also, I love giving people the opportunity to love a language as I do. ALSO (i’m not feeling very creative with my transitions, sorry) I want to live in another country, and I think this is a good way to do it.

Okay. Done with that. Moving on to other stuff:

1. (I am feeling very enumerative today)

2. Dinner:

I eat what’s put in front of me. It’s usually delicious. I always drink all my broth because I hate wasting food and, well, no– I just drink it because it’s delicious. Today, as usual, I ate everything and then started drinking the broth. And…half a second later, my throat was on fire. Oh my god. Pain. Oh  my god. Spicy. Hot. Hot. HOT. I wanted to say something but I was sure I wouldn’t be able to since my ENTIRE THROAT HAD BEEN BURNED AWAY. So I just got up and ran to the kitchen to guzzle water. When I returned to the table, I got deadpan Asian looks (the only looks I ever get). I assumed they were subtly inquisitive, so I explained, “That broth was really spicy.”
And Uncle just looked at me, looked at the broth, and in a tone that said, wouldn’t know, I burned off my taste buds in a Sriracha gulping competition years ago, replied, “Is it? Hm.”

4. I saw a cockroach today. That’s not a big deal in warm places with a lot of cockroaches, I guess. In Illinois there’d be outrage and the restaurant would be shut down or something, cause it really takes a lot to keep cockroaches alive in Illinois. And in Boston, well, the rats eat them, I guess. They’re not a problem. Here, they’re commonplace. Which is a big problem because I am really scared of cockroaches. This one was dead under a table and I screamed and ran away. As if that weren’t embarassing enough, my boss thought this was funny – so later, he pointed at the ground and made a noise as if he saw one – and I screamed and started crying. Because I was already upset from the first (actual) encounter and it was just adding stress to a lot of stress. My boss was like – what? why are you crying? I was kidding! And I tried to explain between gasping breaths – scared – cockroaches – Iknow – theycan’t – hurtme – irrational – sorry – I’mokay.

Between yesterday’s incident and today’s, I’m sure they think I’m completely crazy at work. Ah well. Such is life.

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