want want want want want


the COMPLETE national geographic. on an external hard drive. Everything since 1888. EVERYTHING!!

Must have been a lot of work to inventory/tag/categorize all this stuff. I mean, ALL those issues and articles and pictures and maps and….Oh, to be codemonkey in that office…

This dream is really a lot more far-fetched than the rest since I have no talent pertaining to it, but that’s the point of dreams, right? They don’t all have to be so terribly practical.

I want to work for National Geographic. Guiding tours in Namibia. Or as an antarctic photographer. Writing articles about Amazonian arthropods. Editing articles about Amazonian arthropods…..Even if I was just the person making copies in the office of pictures of arthropods, or bringing people their coffee…..It would make my LIFE.

I’ve looked into internships there, but nothing looks promising, since I’m not majoring in the right stuff. Still, I keep looking…

In other news, I’m working every single day until Thanksgiving. Not excited.

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