Writing day after day has made me realize how unyoung I am…If each time I wrote this month represented a year, I STILL wouldn’t have reached my age. Ay.

I shouldn’t be writing. I should be showering or at least putting on clean clothes or looking for my headband to keep my stupid hair out of my face or washing dishes…

I don’t know why I stay up late and don’t do anything useful. I stayed up until six last night, downloading music, listening to language podcasts (why is Vietnamese so hard??), making tortilla soup (delicious), dancing, doing everything except the thing I was staying up for in the first place – my homework. I always end up starting it at 8am.  And falling asleep. And missing part of class as I scramble to finish it.

Anyway- speaking of class, I have to, then I have to work, and I have quite a bit of homework tonight, so I’m just going to get this over with now.

number NINETEEN (I don’t remember being nineteen at all. What happened when I was nineteen?) on the list of life goals that are now becoming grudgingly chore-like….THANKS, nojomo.

Design (and possibly build) my own house – furniture included. Preferably out of something strange and recycled, preferably very small so it’s not as expensive, and to show that large spaces are not necessary for elegance.

I’m skeptical I’ll actually do it. As I’ve mentioned before, I can’t really imagine myself ever having a house. Such an implication of permanence.

But this is something I’ve wanted to do since I was a kid. I would spend hours and days drafting the plans for my super sekkrit underground clubhouse or a tall watchtower that can only been seen against the sky with polarized vision so airplanes could avoid it but no one else would know it’s there, or – the usual design – a circular building with a track and a pool in the middle. My best friend could live in another circle right on top, but I wanted there to be separation between the circles (they could only be connected by thick, glass posts with elevators going through them). It was pretty extravagant. There were entire rooms devoted to my interests – The Ferret Room, the bean bag room for entertaining guests, the labyrinth library, etc…

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