things you do not want to hear your boss say

Halfway there.

omigod, is it really almost december?

it occured to me that if i stay in tucson one more semester, i need to find somewhere to live. Hm..

Today I was supposed to work 12-3 and 6-9, but I ended up working 12-9 because it was super busy. Which is fine. Although it would have been nice to know beforehand that I wouldn´t have any time during the day.

A scene from dinner (I work at a small, family-owned restaurant, so we eat together around the table):

*Owner and his wife chatting away in Vietnamese, as per usual*

I am always the first one done eating because I don’t talk. I have to admit that the food is so delicious that even if I COULD talk, I probably wouldn’t. I’m about to get up from the table when I realize they’re talking about me. At some point, the conversation switched from Vietnamese to Chinese…and they’re saying, “….she only understands if we speak Chinese.” I look up. Auntie says, “see?”

Uncle (that’s what I call them – Auntie and Uncle – that’s what everyone calls them. Even customers) says, in English, “but she doesn’t understand Vietnamese.”
“No…Do you?” Auntie looks at me.
“Okay, yeah, I didn’t think so. We’re always talking about you and you never seem to understand….But recently I’ve been worried that you do. Hahaha.”

I do admit that I really love speaking other languages for the express purposes of talking about people in their presence, though. I know, I’m a jerk. I usually don’t say anything particularly bad. I just do it because I can. Because secrets are fun.

#15 (ish): Have a secret club with a secret meeting place, á la Dead Poet’s Society.

Maybe we could even have our own language.

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