the happiest days of our lives

Isn’t it funny how it seems like I have all the time in the world to write during every other time of my life- but when NoJoMo (shudder. i still hate that word) comes around, I’m swamped with activity?

Today I went to Mexico (I love living next to the border). Saw The Wall, and the No More Deaths aid station, helped out at the comedor a bit, but mostly spent the time talking to Isaí, who recently got out of detention, and is now spending his time volunteering on the (Mexico side of) the border until he figures out what to do. Very honest and kind and well-read and music-literate and — I just don’t get…the world.

I probably should have stayed home and done homework. But I didn’t, so I have a long night ahead of me.

A rather recent addition to my list of life goals: Volunteer at/learn about border through experential experience. Two weeks after that ended up on the list, I landed in Tucson. That was quick, huh?

I really don’t want to leave. Because…Because I’m in love.

With Tucson. With the desert. With life in Arizona…..I really don’t want to leave. Maybe I shouldn’t.

(PS. I know it’s kind of like laughing at your own joke, but I must point out the cleverness of my title. It’s from “The Wall,” which I saw today, and so appropriate…)

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