direct response

i am nightshifted. it is very natural for me; i have been feeling slightly lost with normal sleeping hours. i don’t know what to do during those hours.

2:30 am. i only got home a bit ago. today, i read until 8am, went to class, went to derechos and did some labor abuse intake – people suck

then i read more, ate vietnamese food, went on the tuesday night bike ride, ate pizza afterwards, and basil ginger lemon gelato, which was delicious

as we were leaving, we ran into a friend who had just gotten out of  a Hanson (yes, Hanson) concert and was too energetic to go home, so we walked to a nearby 24-hour café where she downed 2 cans of pepsi in a few minutes and gushed vividly about taylor’s tight pants and zach’s beautiful eyes.

yes, we are 21.

i also agreed to go to a friend’s house for thanksgiving and be in her play (which currently isn’t written and will have no audience except, presumably, our own dinner) about a pilgrim on a bike that doesn’t teleport…or something…should be interesting.

later today (in a few hours), i’m going to mexico – well, to the border. the mexico side of the border. to an aid station. i’ll see what’s up there.

hopefully i’ll wake up in time. i’m skeptical…

i’m going to go read/sleep. i am le tired.

it was a wonderful day. i have already inadvertently written about another goal on the list: be in a legitimate theatrical production.

that has been there since high school. i’m not sure that it’s as big a deal to me anymore. especially the “legitimate” part. perhaps i’ll check it off after thanksgiving…=P

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