I have a good excuse for not writing yesterday. Not that I’m going to tell you what it is. But I thought you should know that such an excuse exists. In case you thought I just forgot or didn’t care or gave up or something. I didn’t. I do. I haven’t.

…Okay, moving on. I can’t waste time telling you about things I’m not going to tell you about. Life is short! I have things that I want to accomplish to write about!*

Furthering the topic of exploration, seeing too many National Geographic photos has made me really want to kayak in caves someday. Particularly, an ice cave with clear, beautiful water that I can drink (how refreshing), and a tropical cave with a lot of cephalopods and perhaps some hidden civilization.

National Geographic
, why do you tease me so?

It bothers me that some of my goals are so expensive at first glance. Buying gear at elite outdoor stores makes me feel really silly and lame. I hope that by the time I get to cave-exploring levels, I am able to be hardcore and not have $1900 worth of stuff that weighs nothing with me. What I mean is that, if you offered me an all-expenses-paid trip to go exploring some caves RIGHT NOW, I wouldn’t take it. Because it’s something I want to work up to.

Okay, that’s such a lie…I would obviously take it. But I wouldn’t feel as good about it as I would if I went by way of my own hard work….

*This may be the most ridiculous and depressing thing I have ever thought.

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