I explore the vast and expanding universe of the internet more desperately as the hours before a problem set is due diminish. I don’t know what I’m looking for. I just want to escape the realities of homework, and perhaps if I look long enough, I can find something online to crawl into and hide in…I really can’t think of a better tool for procrastination than a computer. Without out, I would stay up late and do physics, rather than get snagged by National Geographic photography for hours at a time. Lame

But the internet is not enough. I want to be there. I know I’ll find better pictures of the Northern Lights online than I am likely to see in real life, ever, but the pictures are so empty. My dreams are about the moments.

I want to stand on a windy tundra and think, “this is it. This is what sending away for travel posters and magazines from every national park in Alaska and Canada through my adolescent years brought me to. It’s cold, I’ve been waiting for hours, I’m disoriented and have no idea what time it is, and it has nothing to do with the long long airplane ride. Here I am, looking at the northern lights.”

Since I don’t ever think I’ll be rich or affluent enough to pay billions of dollars to see the sky in space, I’ll settle for one of the earth’s best and most accessible shows.

I actually considered going to Fairbanks for college. It’s the only place, besides MIT, that I wanted to go that was in the country.

There’s a recurring theme in my list, and that is to witness and explore various places/events. I would combine the things and places that intrigue me into one entry, but there are only 27 things on the list as it is, and they need to last a month. So, for today, I just want you to know that despite never having seen the northern lights, they are something near and dear to my heart, and that one of my secret fantasies is to sit on a glacier and see them with someone who has the same dream.

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