probably because i like to talk

Some things I just can’t explain. For no particular reason I really love and enjoy practicing foreign languages. I enjoy it like nothing else. I speak Spanish natively, which I am thankful for every day, and I’ve studied French, Chinese and ASL (American sign language) to the point where I can hold meaningful conversations and/or overhear and understand conversations. I’ve studied Arabic and German enough to know a lot about the languages themselves, though I never studied either that long (one year and two years, respectively) so I didn’t really learn enough to say I can speak them. Russian, Persian, Japanese and Romanian hold special places in my heart because I have heard them spoken by people I care a lot about to know random words and phrases and sound patterns.

There’s an ever-changing list I keep of languages I want to learn well (not necessarily fluently, but enough to communicate beyond asking where things are) at some point in my life. Currently, this is the list:

ASL, Arabic, Chinese, Russian, French, Spanish, German, Japanese, Persian, Portuguese, Mongolian, Romanian, another region’s sign language

It takes time to learn languages, though – and beyond that, I feel that it takes company. It’s hard to really learn Persian if you don’t have anyone to practice with. And it’s no fun, either, unless you can amuse your friends by practicing on them…

So it’s an on-going process. A hobby, of sorts. If I’m bored, I’ll listen to Pimsleur or turn on Rosetta Stone for a random language or practice vocabulary. I guess it’s ambitious to want to learn so many. But hey, you gotta dream big…

Yeah, I’m a nerd. So what?

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