I want to live isolated in nature for awhile.

I think it was in Kafka on the Shore that the protagonist lived in an isolated cabin for a few days. I was really fascinated by that part of the story. I could just feel the very different atmosphere in the pages.

In fact, I’ve always been really intrigued by being stranded in nature and enjoyed books with nature-survival as part of the plot. But that’s not the point here. I don’t want to be stranded – just to be really far away from modern society. I think that would be amazingly refreshing. It’d be an entirely different way of life.

It doesn’t need to be a cabin in the forest. It could be a few months at a monastery, or, what I would really prefer is a recreational farm with chickens and rolling hills and a komondor dog – but I’m pretty sure I would want it to be somewhere green. None of this desert business- though I do love the desert. It just doesn’t match the spiritually soothing nature of my vision.

Practically speaking, I think this is something more likely to happen when I retire and  “settle down.” I don’t see myself owning property in the near future. But that’s okay – It’d be nice to have peace at the end of an exciting life.

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