Wow. That post yesterday was just embarrassingly whiny. Luckily, today was a lot better and even though I should be studying, I think I owe everyone (you know, all two of you) something less depressing.

Today, my bike pump got fixed, I got a decent, not-very-expensive tire, I FOUND MY MAILBOX KEY (i know, that’s amazing, isn’t it? It was in some weeds outside an office I was at yesterday. I retraced all my steps, and for once, it worked!), I got a good grade for the third time in a row on a physics pset, and I sort of got an internship (I don’t know if it’s officially being called that, but it’s basically what it is). Also, I was told I was missed, and even though I guess I know that people care about me, it’s still somehow really relieving to hear it out loud (out loud on the computer, I mean…)

Although- whenever I even let me think about missing anyone, I have to swallow the lump in my throat and change my line of thinking before I’m in a sad rut.

Tomorrow has the potential to be another really awful day – I’m getting on exam back and taking another – so I should probably start doing something more productive…

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