1. I found out the author of a book I read used to be a Harvard professor. I instantly took the book more seriously. It was subconscious. I didn’t WANT to do it. I want to be free from such classist assumptions. But despite being aware of my cognitive process, I could not stop it.

2. The fact that I can’t travel freely in the entire world as a woman has always been a pet peeve (hyperbolic understatement!) of mine. There are countries where women are not allowed to travel unaccompanied, and I would be forced to wear things I don’t want to wear. There are places I would not be allowed to enter and conversations and events I would not be allowed to take part in. It particularly bothers me because I want to travel the WHOLE PLANET (preferably on a bike), and these barriers could stop me.

It recently occurred to me that despite the fact that I am kept from a lot, as a woman, I also have access to many people, places and things that men do not. Why do I insist on regarding male-dominated events as the only important ones? There are entire worlds, and more importantly, human beings, behind doors, veils, burqas, that I can learn from and about that a man could never dream of gaining access to. Millions of stories and ideas and dreams that are non-trivial parts of cultures. And if my goal is just to learn about the culture with a more realistic/less foreign view of it, won’t the most enlightening revelations be experienced in the company of the oppressed?

This only makes me feel a little more at peace. I’m still mad that I wouldn’t be able to get away with wearing bike shorts.

3. I hate puppies.

(No, seriously. I don’t care if it makes me a horrible human being. I really do hate puppies.)

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